About the Company

The Postal Preference Service, the UK's leading provider of consumer Preference Data, was created by the Royal Mail and Royal Dutch Post with the aim of bringing advertisers and consumers together.

In August 2005, Interactive Prospect Targeting Limited ("IPT"), the online direct marketing company acquired the entire issue share capital of The Postal Preference Service Ltd. Both IPT and The Postal Preference Service have made permission a foundation of their data collection and IPT has consistently championed the principle of opt-in email data collection. The combined data resource of IPT and The Postal Preference Service offer a lifestyle database of 10.6 million records, of which 3.4 million have email addresses. The file is growing at the rate of 10,000 records every month.


IPT provides an advanced range of products and services and an exceptional resource of multi-channel marketing data across the UK.

IPT provides a one-stop shop for all your online direct marketing needs. Our market-leading database building and list rental products are here to work for you.

IPT has led the growth and development of opt-in, permission based marketing for over nine years, delivering solutions to hundreds of clients across a spectrum of industries.